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Linda Griffith, LCSW, DCSW

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Integration & Healing Through Neuro-Frequency Experiences







What if by gazing into a specially controlled light, a deeply profound experience (like those induced by sacred mushrooms and plants) opened up for you? No side effects, just deep spiritual enlightenment that doesn't require decades of meditation? What if you could open a neural pathway to visit the Mind of God?

What if you didn't need a psychic medium but could communicate directly with a deceased loved one? What if you could open a neural pathway to the afterlife so you could visit the consciousness of a person or pet, even, surviving beyond death? How would life change to still be in touch?

Developed by Rochelle Wright, author of "Repair and Reattachment Grief Therapy", this compassionate listening and EMDR-based procedure practiced exclusively by licensed psychotherapists, creates a gentle brainwave state inviting the experience of direct two-way communication with a deceased person or pet. With help, you can be your own psychic medium.

While it cannot be guaranteed that contact will be made, nor that a specific consciousness in afterlife will respond, the procedure has a success rate of 98%. The preparation, communication and integration of newly acquired understanding takes place during one session lasting up to five hours.

Linda Griffith, LCSW, DCSW is the only psychotherapist in southern Arizona trained directly by Rochelle Wright and certified to offer the Repair and Reattachment Grief Therapy protocol that has profoundly changed many lives through a sacred and loving reunion previously thought to be impossible.

Developed by Steven Vazquez, PhD, Founder of Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT™), the Samadhi Experience involves both preparatory neural pathway integration and exposure to specific frequencies of color and light that invite (but cannot guarantee) the client to freely open into consciousness the transcendent knowledge of a Universal Mind.

Not unlike experiences reported through the use of sacred plants or those attained by advanced practitioners of mindfulness, immersion in All-Knowing can provide life-altering guidance in response to a specific life question. It takes place in up to five hours of ETT™ exposure, divided into several sessions with none of the negative side-effects, nor uncontrolled duration associated with chemically altered states.

Linda Griffith, LCSW, DCSW is the only psychotherapist in Arizona trained by Steven Vazquez, PhD, and qualified to offer the Samadhi Experience.


Spiritual Psychic Support

ETT™ Specialist


Is there really any doubt that all of those who have had near-death experiences are describing the same, profound encounter with an ecstatic state of being in which individual consciousness continues to exist? As a therapist, my job is not to explain how or why we experience what we do but, rather, to enrich the processing and acceptance of experiences in a manner that contributes to the quality of a client's life.

Psychotherapist Rochelle Wright discovered that when intimately speaking in a special way about a deceased loved one while listening to a special brain-stimulating soundtrack, it was possible for her clients to become their own psychic mediums and allow a subconscious part of the brain that is in constant contact with other dimensions to open up and permit contact with those living within those other dimensions. In training with Rochelle, she has taught me how to provide for my clients the same experience: a very sacred meeting of beings beyond the boundaries of time and space.

Having felt this connection with a loved one of my own during training, there is no question that something extraordinary and entirely self-guided is made possible in the safety of the therapist's care, resulting in a spontaneous two-way meeting and conversation with a person (or pet) who has died yet continues to exist in a recognizable way.

There really are no words for the wonder and profound healing of grief that I have witnessed others finding. After you have made a reservation, I look forward to speaking with you to set a time, answer any questions you might have and to be sure that you are emotionally prepared to experience contact.


In some ways similar to the Wright Protocol, the Samadhi Protocol also invites awareness of a connection with other dimensions usually maintained outside of consciousness. In this sacred place, it is possible for a client to experience something many describe as a conversation with God in which the question for which guidance was sought, is profoundly answered. In addition, the Samadhi Protocol opens up another extremely rare possibility:

Spontaneous healings are documented events historically associated with saints, indigenous medicine people and highly impassioned prayer. For reasons we cannot yet explain, nor predict, extensive healing has occurred for a few individuals who underwent the Samadhi experience simply to ask a question, not even particularly seeking healing. Following immersion in the ETT™ Samadhi Protocol, very complex medical and emotional problems instantly disappeared during what one client described as "being in the embrace of God."

For sure, these are rare and cannot in any way be expected. However, through ETT™ psychotherapy (, clusters of physical symptoms and pain can often be totally relieved by focusing on just one aspect of an underlying emotional issue, so it makes sense that when the neural framework of the mind is holistically aligned with a high frequency of energy associated with near-death and spiritual awakenings, that a sudden shift might occur throughout the entire neural framework of the body.

The impact that Samahdi DOES have on almost all who experience it, is no less life-altering for its ability to change the lens through which we view our very existence. I look forward to sharing that awakening with every client I prepare for the sacred Samadhi journey.

Linda Griffith, LCSW, DCSW