Direct Afterlife Contact & Spiritual Integration

Linda Griffith, LCSW, DCSW

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The brain is always seeking wisdom: a broader, higher, more loving relationship with the flow of life. We spend years trying to overcome our limited points-of-view through spirituality, meditation and various forms of self-help. Connecting with the consciousness of a loved one surviving beyond death or with a higher energetic Being that provides guidance has always been supremely valued throughout the evolution of humankind. Religious leaders the world over encourage us to do this.

While training personally under Steven Vazquez, Ph.D., the renown clinician who developed Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT™), and under Marci Holloway, LCSW, Certified Teacher and master clinician, I became skilled in the healing methods of using various color and light-based tools (pictured on this page) to stimulate parts of the brain that are always trying to create these "wisdom pathways".

While directing clients in psychotherapy to look at colors and projected light to help resolve serious emotional issues, like Dr. Vazquez, I also discovered that clients often reported having spiritual experiences uncommon to conventional psychotherapy. Many said that during the session, they were communicating with a deceased loved one or with a Supreme Being that wanted to help them with their present struggle.

Thus, I began offering the spiritually-integrative protocols of ETT™ to clients who value meditation and spiritual practices that greatly enrich human experience, including the ability to sense and interact with the presence of loved ones who have died (including contact with deceased pets living in another realm.)

I strongly recommend that if you are considering seeking an afterlife connection, that you read Rochelle Wright's book providing numerous accounts of sessions and the profound type of healing that occurs. Rochelle has personally trained me to offer the exact same protocol that she uses in this book which helps clients resolve devastating grief through a profoundly sacred psychotherapeutic experience that does not require belief in an afterlife, anymore than a belief in oxygen is required to breathe*

I cannot scientifically verify that deceased beings are communicating within the minds of my clients. However, I know that I have been contacted within my own mind by my dead grandmother (as have others been contacted by her) and that my clients report what they perceive to be genuinely felt connections with loved ones while engaged in the Wright Protocol. Similarly, when taking the enlightenment path, a genuinely felt connection with some universal God-like Being is consistently reported by those engaged in the Samadhi Protocol.

We know that highly gifted mediums can procure information in ways that defy explanation, as can shamans facilitate healing by acquiring knowledge from visions. Yogis, likewise, reach ecstatic states of wisdom through quieting the mind. Both the Wright Protocol and ETT™ Samadhi Protocol can replicate these altered states by inviting the brain to allow stimuli being processed subconsciously to enter into awareness. Thus if parallel universes do exist, as physicists and people who have had near-death experiences have declared, it is then perfectly plausible that we might be capable of "tuning in" on energetic environments beyond those on which our bodily senses normally report.

So, if the brain is invited to create a "circuit" bypassing sensory input (which is what sacred plants and mindfulness practices do), the information being collected and stored in the brain from other customarily "hushed" sources can come into awareness.

Unlike chemical ingestion for purposes of enlightenment, however, where the strength and duration of the experience is beyond control, the ETT™ practitioner undergoes 100 hours of training to be able to guide the client's awareness in and out of various states for both psychotherapy and for the exploration and integration of spiritual states. Thus, clients are free to visit the hidden incoming streams of information without fear of becoming "stuck" there, or becoming overwhelmed. The practitioner is in control of the tools that "move" awareness to different parts of the brain at all times and is closely observing and listening to what the client reports and can gently return awareness to its everyday state at any moment.

Afterwards, both immediately and for several days later, clients can experience many different feelings-- including profound joy and deep, peaceful closure of grief; disorienting wonderment; uncertainty about the world being as it appears; and lasting, life-altering insight into the very core of one's being. For this reason, a follow-up meeting is included for both protocols. It has been my experience that the follow-up significantly enriches the client's ability to utilize the often earth-shifting gift of new knowledge.

As with any spiritual journey, the seeker's frameof mind influences depth and overall quality of the experience. I can open the door to afterlife or higher consciousness contact in most cases, but I cannot control the specific information received from either realm. A loved one may send a messenger rather than directly showing up or a higher consciousness might answer questions very mysteriously that will not be understood until some time later. In almost every case, however, the journey results in an experience much more profound than the client ever imagined. Love is like that and can cross any boundary to touch our souls beyond reason.

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